A brand is someone’s dream translated into reality – and that’s how we define it.

We believe entrepreneurs have their own opinions about branding and in line with their respective definitions, efforts into building the brands vary across organizations. We at Orglife believe in connecting with brand custodians at different levels of understanding and requirements.

+     Brand logos, icons & typography

+     Brand style & guidelines

+     Brand brochure & catalogues

+     Advertising campaigns

+     Brand strategy & positioning

+     Brand message & tone of voice

+     Lifestyle & product photography

+     Packaging & product design

+     Brand audit


People will always search. Ensure that they find you.

A smart brand is one which understands the evolving nature of the market, its customers and its consumers. The past reveals a slower frequency in change of trends and demands and hence we come across the reactive nature of brands when we look back at the 2000 era, when strategies used to coincide or follow a gradual change in consumer behaviour. With the advent of a mass-scale adaptation of humans and brands to the digital way of communication and business, today a brand becomes smarter and much more confident when it integrates a strong and structured digital strategy to its marketing efforts. The question whether a brand needs to be there in the digital space has long been done and dusted with. The question that stares at the brands today is whether they are prepared to be equally agile, if not more, in their digital identity as they are in their tangible form in the market. We stand to help all our clients in their digital quest through a network of strong services backed by an equally capable group of professionals.

+     Digital strategy

+     Website design & development

+     UI/UX design

+     Mobile Applications

+     E-commerce

+     Web applications & products

+     Emailer content & campaigns

+     Social media management

+     SEO & SEM


A printing machine cannot communicate meaningfully unless you do.

They say, ‘Ideas are useless unless used’. We say, ‘Ideas are useless unless communicated’. Upholding this belief, we approach each brand with a new outlook and define content perspectives with respect to the objective of making the brand meaningful to anyone who wants to know about it. Here we deliver not as an orthodox content writing service provider, but a team of creative writers who first analyse the audience and readers and then cook all the literary food for their consumption. We discover and rediscover words to define communications for brands.

+     SEO copywriting

+     Blogs

+     Technical articles

+     Website content

+     Brand presentations

+     Brand story & animations

+     Brand/ Product comic strips

+     Brand jingles

+     Infographic & newsletter content


Thinking out of the box is a WANT. Taking care of the things inside it is the NEED.

It takes a good amount of structured and conscious efforts for brands to receive this from their stakeholders - ‘Ah! Look at them, they are marvellous.’ And yes, who doesn’t want to be associated with good brands? Whenever we are summoned, we start by delving deeply into the story of your evolution - your history, challenges, competition, audience, products/services and opportunities. We do our bit of research and study to create an independent view of the landscape. Ultimately, what we are going to figure out is: What is your brand strategy? The answer will help guide every decision made from this point on. Most of the times, the research processes usually revolve around the brand’s internal strengths accompanied by variable factors such as competitors, customers and/or industry wherever and whenever necessary. And then, we are always there to further design the perfect grid of marketing activities needed to evolve the brand.

+     Market research

+     Organization strategy

+     Media strategy

+     Events and activation

+     Go-to-market strategy

+     Sales training modules

3D Walkthrough & Virtual Reality

3D Walkthrough is the technology that helps in peeping inside the design of the building.

We offer Virtual Reality Service to our prestigious customer. Virtual reality essentially alludes to utilizing PCs to make and experience a situation that really does not exist. Virtual the truth is a practical 3D world that a PC creates and intelligently makes you feel as in the event that you truly may be "inside" that world. Our professionals render these services after completely understanding the exact requirements of our clients. These services are rendered in the most efficient manner by making use of advanced technology. Clients can avail these services from us at the most reasonable price.

+     3D Architectural Walk Through

+     3D Interior Walk Through

+     3D Animation Service

SEO & Ad-word

Ad words is for Google sites and websites that use Google Ad sense while SEO principles are applicable for all search engines.

We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that are used for promotion of websites. These are widely used as common search engines that include Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing. Our clients are engaged in understanding the domain and accordingly deciding the strategy to draw the traffic to the client’s website. We are engaged in offering services analyzing the website in terms of Meta tags, images, body, style sheets and site-map, generate the Google sitemap and provide W3C validation. We offer the best results which are highly cost-effective.

+     Understanding the domain and accordingly deciding strategy.

+     Analyzing the website in terms of Meta tags, images, body, style sheets.

+     Best results that are highly cost effective.

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